About Us

At IT Hardware Online we don’t try to provide every product available, instead we focus on quality and value for money IT components. We understand this market has an endless demand for new products and technologies and we intend to continue expanding our product range by careful consideration of the brands we use.

We offer a comprehensive selection of parts and peripherals at very competitive prices and door to door Australia-wide delivery for our customers. Our aim is to build a strong reputation, not only for providing cutting edge parts but also for providing a level of service unlike any other. 

This strategy will strengthen our position as a leading distributor of high quality products and secure our future in the rapidly expanding computer, communication and internet market.

IT Hardware Online is a 100% Australian-owned Company, Our sister company has over 20 years’ experience in computer sales, service and support within Australia for small to large business (e.g. top 5 banking industry, telecom, recruitment, etc.).


Our Goals


With extensive experience in the field of computer technology we are convinced there is no better way to shop today for your technology needs than online. Simply search for your goods, purchase & get then delivered to your door. We will also update you with new product releases, alert you on great specials and provide with exceptional and speedy service.

We work and have aligned ourselves with the very best brand names so we can guarantee high quality products, it is vitally important that IT Hardware Online continues to bring the very best IT solutions to our customers.

We cater for all customers, to facilitate this we have a vibrant website and highly functional process to make selection and purchase very easy.


Our Services


IT Hardware Online is an online computer hardware, computer parts and software retail store. We provide the cheap prices by reducing are over heeds and merging, we also ship goods directly to you from our wholesales supplier’s, warehouse located Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. So you can be assured of prompt delivery too. All our products are sourced from Australian wholesale distributers, we do not directly buy from oversees suppliers, to ensure that all the products and services supplied by our distributers and us are fall under the Australian law.